On Panoramic Photography

Many old school photographers remember the days when film format defined one’s professional essence and frame of reference.  The released shutter graced the reality captured between the four frame walls with the proof of one decisive moment.   Unless you are into photographing constantly moving objects and long exposures, image stitching revolutionized the profession and the art.

panoramic photograph

Whether its a wedding scene or a landscape, it has been about 10 years that image stitching is a big part of my workflow.  The main disadvantages of stitching is in the zen aspects of fine art panoramic photography, when you want to be in the moment, and when working with long exposures of moving objects.

This website describes the photographic aspects of some of the projects i was recently engaged with, focusing on the technical photographic aspects.

As a Professional photographer who also guides photography tours throughout israel, this blog is my modest attempt to pay back the online community that is always so resourceful and generous in support, knowledge and good will.